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Ltd. "AGROMEN" - Russian agrarian company.
Russian agricultural companies and construction companiesLtd. "AGROMEN" - the company, which employs highly qualified specialists with great productive years, with long experience in the Russian market, trained and internships abroad. The company has offices and works in areas of development: agriculture; IT technology consulting services, to work with the real estate; architectural design, renovation, construction of industrial and agricultural facilities as well as housing and social facilities; legal services; services for the protection of objects to be transported Goods and security of individuals.

      One of the main activities of the company is the development of agriculture, applying modern technologies and equipment, including livestock development. Ltd. "AGROMEN" a dealer and partner of international manufacturers of machinery and equipment, as well as animals in Russia, for example: AIMO KORTTEEN KONEPAJA OY (Finland - technology plyuschenogo manufacture of feed grain, using equipment valþuri mills MURSKA; feeding technology plyuschenym feed cows, pigs, poultry, technology and equipment for long-term storage plyuschenogo fodder and grain in plastic sleeves, silos holes, bunkers fodder); AGREX (Italy - technology and equipment for drying, cleaning, storing and processing of grain and other cereals, mini-elevators , Fodder plants);
(Canada - the supply of pigs, the construction of selection and genetic research centres and their escorts); Italy  - supply of equipment for pig complexes and several other foreign companies. Ltd. "AGROMEN" together with Western partners, is developing technology breeding pigs and cows, architectural designs, manufactures and maintains the reconstruction of new construction svinotovarnyh and dairy farms "turnkey". The company delivers to the above facilities with modern equipment, trained personnel clients work on the equipment and its proper operation. The company assumes responsibility to clients, and is working to break svinotovarnyh, dairy farms at the power project, based on technology projects, as well as to the extent necessary, provides them with escorts scientific recommendations on breeding, feeding, veterinary, environmental.
AMITY Ag Enterprises Inc. (Canada - supply Golshtinskoy breed cattle and beef stock).  (Russian - American company - the supply of cattle from the United States, technology and equipment for harvesting and storing cut silage, zhoma, high grain moisture) and several other foreign companies.

       Ltd. "AGROMEN" provides assistance to companies, firms, enterprises and households in obtaining loans for the purchase of machinery and equipment through Russian banks in rubles and western banks in the currency (a term loan of 5 to 6 years), on livestock development programmes, reconstruction of production, new construction and other economic activities (credit term of 8 to 10 years).

Ltd. "AGROMEN" - Russian agrarian company
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